Below are signed letters (family evidence) from several close family members confirming their understanding regarding mothers expressed wishes through the years. They also show mothers reasoning behind her wishes.

Family Evidence 1 – This is a signed letter from my Aunt Marguerite (Mothers sister) from 2015 detailing her understanding regarding mothers wishes from conversations she had with mother over the years.

Marguerite Bird 2014 Family Evidence

Family Evidence 2 – This is a signed letter from my sister detailing her clear understand of mothers wishes. My sister lives in America and has done for much of her life. She has on many occasions visited my mother for extended periods of time (months at a time) and had many discussions with my mother especially in more recent years.  In the last few years of mothers life my sister became increasing concerned regarding activities at my mothers home and the extent to which David appeared to be controlling matters.

Maureen Statement 2014 - Family Evidence

Family Evidence 3 – This is a signed letter from my Uncle Alan (brother-in-law to mother).  My mother and Aunt Joan were very close indeed and mother told her everything (and in turn Uncle Alan knew most of it as well).

Alan Wilson Statement Family Evidence

IC:   I don’t want to leave it to David. And he knows, and you know David better than that.


IC:   Well the only thing I can do is talk to David about it.   He has promised me on his honour that he will see you get half the house

Oh NO, not again!