8 Mountbatten Road – Mother’s Home

David Cotterell – “I will pay you”

IC:   I wanted it for you and David (8 Mountbatten road). So I went to the solicitors and discussed it. The only way that I could be absolutely sure it would go to you both was by putting it in David’s and my name

AC:     Yes. That’s what it is

IC:   and that’s what it is. . . And David, when anything happens to me, it would automatically

AC:   go to David . . . .

IC:   in David’s name. But he has promised me on the Bible . . . . That it’s half yours

8 mountbatten road
8 Mountbatten Road

Pictured above and below – 8 Mountbatten Road, Banksome Dene, Poole Dorset BH13 6JE – My mothers home (valued on the IHT404/2 form given to me by his solicitor as submitted to HMRC at £650,000)

Adverts of nearby similar property in 2014 selling for £1,100,000 .

Similar property to 8 Mountbatten Road
Nearby property £1,100,000
8 mountbatten road
SOLD Price for House next door worth more in 2007 than 8 Mountbatten in 2014 according to David the Valuation Expert!

8 Mountbatten Road Valued by RICS approved valuer for 2014 at £790,000

8 Mountbatten Road Valued for Virgin Money PLC (under instruction by David Cotterell) 21st July 2015 at £820,000

Why then, did David submit a valuation of £650,000 to HMRC 8th Sept 2015? Only a few weeks after Virgin Money had valued the house at £820,000 – He’s a valuation expert so he surely is unlikely to make a mistake? Perhaps he forgot?

IC:   Well the only thing I can do is talk to David about it.   He has promised me on his honour that he will see you get half the house

David Cotterell – Chartered Surveyor, Barrister, Liar

Albion Chambers, Bristol

8 mountbatten road David Cotterell
David Cotterell Profile https://uk.linkedin.com/in/davidcotterell

The new Will makes him responsible for IHT on the house portion of the estate so I suspect he would want it valued as low as possible.

HMRC ChecklistDeclaration for HMRC signed